Sticky Dual Magazine Pouch


Our goal was to take the magazine pouch to the next level and by making it even more useful. We are proud to introduce our Super Mag Pouch. We have devised a way for you to carry whatever magazine or accessory you like in the same pouch. Flashlights, a .45 magazine, a pocket knife, a .380 magazine or maybe a 38 special zip strip – each will fit in our new Super Mag Pouch.

As If that wasn’t good enough, we also offer you choices on how you carry it. It will work IWB (using the famous Sticky Holsters self-securing exterior), in the pocket, outside the belt (with built-in belt loop), or in our exclusive A-frame mode – which works with or without a belt.

But that’s not all, it has a built in pocket to slide in your CCW permit, ID, credit or business cards. 


Are you looking for a comfortable way to carry an extra magazine or two? Done! This little gem has it all!

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