Sticky Belly Band – No belt necessary


Are you struggling to find a belly band that is comfortable? Try this belly band that can work in conjunction with holsters you already own!

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Sticky Holsters Belly band offers a level of comfort, versatility and concealment that is unmatched. Our modular belly band works in conjunction with a Sticky Holster, Ulticlip holster or Fabriclip holster. This allows the user to place the holster and gun in any location around the torso. Our belly band is made with an industrial strength plush elastic that ensure both comfort and strength. The band has three patches of “STICKY” material to ensure the band stays in place without constant adjustments or movement. The band also includes four built-in accessory pockets. The smaller two are perfect for an extra magazine or folding knife. The larger one fits a wallet, phone, ID’s, passport and other important items. Since there is no built in holster, this band can also be used as a travel band to hide important documents, and is great for securing items while working out.

Do not use this belly band without a holster. This is made to hold it to your body.

Sticky IWB Holster


UltiClip Holster – No Belt Required


Fabriclip Holster – No Belt Required

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Small (overall length of belly band is 30'', made for 24" to 34"), Medium (overall length is 34'', made for 28" to 44"), Large (overall length is 37", made for 32" to 50''), XL (overall belly band is 41", made for 37"-58")

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