Pepper Spray StunGun Flashlight


This Pepper Spray, Stun gun and Flashlight combo is the world’s first and only combination tool! It is easy to carry this compact hand-held design. No need to carry multiple tools or decide which is the best to carry. This device combines all 3 less lethal devices in one. Single-hand operation allows the user to identify, stun and spray within milliseconds of reaction time in a high stress situation. Identify your threat with 175 lumens of blinding light. Stun in close proximity and for immobilization with the concealed stun technology. Spray with distance defense with 18% red hot pepper spray, firing up to 16 feet away. Equip yourself with this handy, compact flashlight that is the most practical and all-inclusive personal security device.



All-in-one less lethal defense! This Pepper Spray, StunGun, Flashlight combo gives you the tools you need in one compact package.

Pepper Spray StunGun Flashlight Features:

  • 3 in 1: the unit contains Pepper Spray and a StunGun and a Flashlight.
  • The stungun is rechargeable and the flashlight is rechargable.
  • There are no visible prongs so this aids in concealment of the stun feature.
  • The spray is 18% red pepper and contains UV dye which helps police identify the attacker.
  • The pepper spray is quick to operate and reaches up to 16 feet.
  • The flashlight output is 175 lumens.
  • The dual-safety switch prevents accidental stun gun and pepper spray engagement.

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