More Truth About Gun Violence

Responsible gun owners should be familiar with these summary facts so that we may all counter the false data and bogus arguments about “assault weapons” that are so common in today’s media driven environment. Right now, in this ever-crazier year of 2020, election hysteria has reached a fever pitch. Most of the left-leaning media pundits in our country are resorting to all sorts of fact-bending and data massaging to advance their anti-gun narrative. The bottom line for people interested in facts is that violent crime continues to decrease nationally and rifles – even those really scary looking black ones – are far from the problem. Only when we recognize the true problems we face can we articulate and create solutions. Here is a great summary of some 2019 statistics on gun violence from Matt Palumbo at

Key points from the article:

Four times as many people were killed with a knife than with any kind of rifle in 2019, the FBI revealed in its Uniform Crime Report released late last month. According to the UCR, 1,476 victims were murdered with “knives or cutting instruments,” whereas 364 people were killed with rifles, including the vague category of “assault rifles.”

More victims were also murdered by blunt objects like clubs and hammers, which resulted in 397 homicides in 2019.The estimated number of violent crimes also decreased for the third consecutive year, according to a statement from the FBI. The estimated rate of violent crime was 366.7 per 100,000 people. There were roughly 1.2 million total violent crimes committed in 2019.