ModWing: What Is it & Do I Need One?

To aid in your concealed carry success, we offer a holster upgrade called a ModWing. Many of our customers ask us: What is a ModWing? What does a ModWing do for me and my holster? Do I need to add a ModWing to my holster order?

modwing kitWhat is a ModWing?

A ModWing is a simple plastic attachment on a holster. It is attached using two screws along the edge under the trigger guard or at the same location as the belt clip. The attachment location depends on the holster and belt clip style. It is popular for IWB holsters, especially our Kydex Appendix Carry Holster and the IWB Kydex Holster with Adjustable Clip.

What does it do for me and my holster?

The ModWing pushes outward from under the belt, allowing a user’s belt to apply additional leverage on the holster. This leverage rotates the holster and the grip of the gun inward towards the user’s body. The inward rotation creates better concealment and less “printing” of the firearm grip and holster. The aggressive texture on the ModWing risers provide more stability for the firearm and holster as well.


Do I need to add a ModWing to my holster order?modwing

If you like to wear an inside-the-waistband holster, the ModWing will help you conceal your pistol. It is especially useful if your body type or clothing style makes it hard for you to conceal around your waistband. If you notice excessive printing of the grip, the ModWing can help solve that issue. If you are unsure, the ModWing is easily removed with a screwdriver if you find that it does not work for you.

What else do I need to know?

If a ModWing is available for your selected holster, it will be available to add via a drop-down menu on the product page. We will install it on your holster. The ModWing comes with interchangeable inserts which allow you to choose a strong or mild rotation, based on your attire or personal preference. Additionally, the inserts are interchangeable and the spine is reversible, making the ModWing both ambidextrous and configurable for RH or LH carry, should the need arise.

If you want to add a ModWing to your previously ordered holster, please contact us and we will get one out to you asap!




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