Our Story and the Story of Athena

Hi! I’m Sara, founder of Athena’s Armory. The story of our business begins when I was pregnant for the first time. I felt huge, slow and very defenseless. I wondered what I would do if someone attacked me for my belongings or something more sinister. My motherly instincts went into overdrive…how would I protect my child? From that point forward, I refused to be an easy target.

I have carried pepper spray my entire adult life, at the insistence of my father, and have used it twice successfully, with no regrets. (Thanks, Dad!) As a new mother, however, I felt like I needed more to protect our family. My husband and I decided firearms training was our next step. We attended a couple of NRA classes to learn fundamentals and then began the process of selecting firearms and accessories that met our needs. What fun we have had together!

As our adventure progressed, I found that many of the women I talked to (and a few guys too!) were curious and excited to begin their own journey into concealed carry, but were intimidated by firearms and overwhelmed by the myriad of products available. I saw this as an opportunity to help others like me.

I honed my skills and began working privately as an NRA Certified Instructor teaching Basic Pistol and teaching a basic concealed carry permit class at On-Sight Tactical Training Institute in Estero, Florida.

Of course, I learned quickly that everyday personal defense is much more than just learning to shoot. As I struggled to put it all together I found…

The Story of Athena
Athena was one of the most influential of all the Greek Gods and Goddesses. She was born full grown from the head of Zeus, dressed as a warrior and armed with supreme intellect. To Gods and men alike, Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom, helping people gain knowledge from the experience of others. She was the Goddess of Crafts, guiding artisans to create quality products. She was the Goddess of War, providing strategy and training those on the battlefield. And although she is often depicted with golden armor and a spear, Athena was more respected for her fairness in judgment, keen business sense and calm demeanor. Like the owl that sees clearly in the darkness of night, Athena’s watchful eye and sage advice helped people navigate a dangerous world.

In the same tradition, Athena’s Armory was founded to provide guidance for everyday personal defense. AthenasArmory.com is organized around the traits of Athena to help people LEARN from the wisdom of others, SHOP for quality products, and TRAIN to establish core skills.