Tips for Dressing Around Your Gun

Bra-Holster-Side2Try Non-Traditional Holsters
The most popular carry position is on the hip, but sometimes that is not possible if you like to wear tight clothing. Depending on your body type and firearm choice, a non-traditional holster may be the right answer. offers a variety of non-traditional carry choices including a bra holster, a variety of corset-style waist hugging holsters, and ankle, thigh and belly-band style holsters as well.

Select Patterns
Choosing shirts with patterned or floral designs will help break up the outline of your firearm and reduce printing. Try to find patterned shirts that are a bit baggy in the area where your holster will be located. Dark colors and layered clothing can help in concealment as well.

Wear a Gun Belt
If you plan to wear a holster at any location around your waist, you should invest in a belt that is designed for carrying a firearm. A quality gun belt offers lateral rigidity to help keep an outside the waistband holster tight against your body. For those of you that carry inside the waistband, a good belt can help keep the holster clipped, strapped or pressed in place.

Sticky Kydex IWB HolsterGo Minimal
One easy way to make dressing around your gun easier is to downsize your carry rig. Our favorite option is the Sticky Holster. The minimalist inside-the-waistband design is versatile and it is made from material that is great for warm weather. It can be easily concealed by a t-shirt or carried in a pocket.


PRSE-UPT-BRN-001fullOff-Body Carry
Although we always recommend on-body carry as a first choice, sometimes it just isn’t possible. For those times when a holster just will not work, try a concealed carry purse. offers many styles and sizes, or if you want to use one of your existing purses, try this purse holster system that will work with almost any purse and firearm combination.