Concealed Carry Style Made Easy

Athena was mostly known for her strategic guidance and warrior skills on the battlefield, but did you know that she was a trusted adviser for craftsmen and artisans as well? She could tell you which weapon was the most logical strategic choice, teach you to use it like a boss, and then make sure your clothes and accessories were coordinated fashionably. What a gal! Why do you think we named our company after her?  Read more for tips on ways you can be fashionably armed.

Lace Corset Holster – This is one of our favorite holsters for women looking for a deep concealment option with style. People will not know you are wearing it because it slims your torso and belly while keeping your firearm in place! You will feel confident in your femininity and have access to your firearm when you need it most.

Concealed Carry Purse – We have many to choose from and all are Made in the USA. For urban on-the-go types or those who ride motorcycles or bicycles a lot, we like the Warrior Pack because it has eight different strap configurations to keep the bag secure no matter what the situation dictates. For more glam style, we suggest the Vicious Concealed Carry Purse that has as a keyed lock pocket and will look great for any occasion.

Bullet Jewelry – One of the easiest and most affordable ways to show some “GunStyle”! We offer different calibers in both Nickel and Brass. Our favorite is the “Bling!Bang!” line!

Custom Molded Kydex Holster – We love kydex because it is lightweight, durable and made to fit precisely to the shape of your specific firearm. And, oh yeah, it comes in tons of different colors so you can match it up with your pistol or grips, favorite purse color, mag holders, or other range gear. And guys – if you’ve read this far – you can match this up with your EDC knife or other tactical gear you might bring to the range.

Thanks for visiting Athena’s Armory! Let us help you show some style while living your concealed carry lifestyle.