Steps to Harden Your Home Against Intrusion

A firearm is a valuable home defense tool, but should be used as a last resort. The emotional and monetary expense involved in a violent confrontation will be a great even if you are justified in using lethal force. If you decide to bring a firearm into your home for defensive purposes, be a responsible gun owner and take these steps to minimize the chance of home invasion or burglary.

Steps to Harden Your Home Against Intrusion

Keep doors locked at all times. Make your nightly lockup routine a consistent habit. Your locks are your main defense against intruders. Use them during the day as well.

Maintain outdoor lighting and/or install motion sensitive lighting around entry points. Criminals are looking for easy tarmotion lightgets and do not want to be seen or identified. Strategic lighting will act as a deterrent.

Keep garage door closed and remove remote openers from parked vehicles. An open garage is an invitation for theft or invasion. Make closing the garage a part of your routine.

Consider installing a monitored security system. While longstanding companies, such as ADT, can provide comprehensive solutions, some DIY solutions, like SimpliSafe, require minimal setup and financial commitment.

Upgrade your door locks and/or add deadbolts. Electronic keypad locks and extra strength strike plates installed on door jambs are two quick and inexpensive ways to harden your entryways.

Install security pins on sliding patio doors. These door security pins prevent both lifting ansliding door pind sliding and can be purchased for a few dollars.

Install pins or locks on windows to prevent opening beyond 6-10 inches. Clamp on window locks are inexpensive and do not require permanent installation.

Keep valuables out of sight and/or locked in a safe. Controlling access to valuables and especially firearms is critical.