There’s A Baby On The Way…

and Alexa is feeling vulnerable in many different and new ways. The hormonal intensity and protective instincts of a mother are something to behold for sure. She asks herself again, is she doing enough to protect her little one? And herself? Is the little can of pepper spray she has always kept in her purse really going to be enough to stop a couple of attackers? Firearms have always seemed a bit scary but maybe its about time to get some real training.

She checks her mirrors and does a quick visual sweep of the near-empty parking lot. Grocery shopping at night is definitely a more peaceful experience with less crowd and noise, but this lot is dark and she always gets a bit nervous while loading the bags into the trunk. As she loads and glances around the lot, her mind drifts to what her friend friend Heather at work told her about the basic pistol class she took. Education and training countered her fear she had said. It was exhilarating and empowering. And the instructor and other students were all women too, which made it easier to just relax and enjoy the class. She met some great people that had a lot in common. She had told Heather that it sounded like fun – and now she thought it sounded like a necessity as well.

Another quick scan of the back seat and surrounding lot as she grabs her key and unlocks the driver door. Getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon is a serious commitment, but if Heather can do it, then so can she. The little holster that Heather uses seemed like it would be pretty comfortable. Heather said it was a Sticky Holster, whatever that means, and that she could wear it almost anywhere, depending on her clothing for the day. And the other one, some sort of belly band type thingy, actually worked like a corset and made Heather look ten pounds lighter. That would be a nice bonus after I have the baby and I try to get my normal body back.

As she pulled out of the lot and headed home, Alexa felt a new sense of excitement and confidence as she thought about embarking on her new adventure in personal defense. Someday, maybe she could even teach her daughter how to shoot…