Florida Women Choose Concealed Carry

More Florida women are choosing to obtain a conceal-carry gun permit, according to the latest figures provided by the Florida Department of Agriculture, which handles the permitting process.

In a breakdown of who is legally permitted to carry, the state statistics show nearly one in four permits are held by women, the highest ever.

A total of 1,236,901 people held valid state concealed weapon/firearm licenses as of Feb. 28, and women compose 23 percent or 276,386 of those license holders. In comparison, women composed 15 percent or 48,316 of the 324,236 Florida license holders in 2004, the data shows.

Women are more likely than men to purchase a firearm for self-defense, as compared to hunting, sport or collecting. A 2012 survey of first-time gun buyers shows women are more focused on self-protection and self-sufficiency than men, according to a report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Las Vegas, a trade organization for America’s firearms industry.

Manufacturers and retailers have taken notice of the trend. Many companies are listening to the demands of women customers and are providing products that are better suited to smaller hands, curvy body contours and a more keen sense of fashion.

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