Five Ways to be More Accurate with Your Handgun


Start Close
Start at a short distance (5 yards) to begin your range session. This will allow you to focus more on technique than on trying to see the target and it will reinforce your confidence. Once you are comfortable you can begin to move the target further away.

Dry Fire Practice – Trigger Press
Your trigger press is one of the most important aspects of your handgun technique. It can be practiced cheaply and safely in the comfort of your home with dry fire practice. The Penny Drill is an excellent way to ensure a consistent and reliable trigger technique.

Front Sight Focus
As you aim to take your shots, put all of your focus on the front sight. Within the overall sight picture, the rear sights and target will be slightly blurred, but this will not be a problem over time. Stay focused on the front sight through the shot sequence and follow-through. Repeat. As you learn to maintain intense front sight focus your groups will get tighter.

Strengthen Your Grip
Consistent and firm grip on your handgun is critical for reliable accuracy. In a confrontational situation, a proper grip will also ensure you keep possession and control of the handgun. Work on maintaining your firm grip, being sure to only move your trigger finger during the firing sequence. Resist the urge to “milk” the gun with your entire hand or readjust in between shots.

Grip Hand High
Try to keep your dominant hand high up on the pistol grip. This will help reduce overall felt recoil. The high grip helps keep the muzzle from flipping up and makes it easier for you to maintain a consistently smooth and rearward trigger press.